dean street townhouse

This 4,600 square foot renovation project reconfigured a historic townhouse into an owner’s triplex over a rental apartment. The townhouse had been neglected for years and as a result, its historic front façade was failing, bowing dangerously forward and pulling the neighboring facade with it. The inside was similarly abused, leaving the owners with little salvageable detail. We restored and reconstructed the Landmarked front facade, including constructing a new cornice and historic windows. Inside, new structural framing opened the Parlor level to create a double height entry space where greenery spills from a interior planter above. Daylight and plantlife are themes throughout; vines are trained into a wire frame that separates the dining room from the kitchen, the integral planter on the parlor deck seems to extend the deck into its own small garden, and bushels of vegetables grow on the roof. Custom cable rails outdoors and glass rails indoors emphasize light and openness. Both renter and owner have separate private access to the rear garden. Guest room, full bath, and den occupy the second floor, and a new master suite is on the third floor. A new stair bulkhead leads up to a split level roof terrace with unobstructed views of lower Manhattan and Brooklyn.

photo by: Frank Oudeman © 2013


brooklyn, ny
two-family residence
townhouse renovation/addition
landmarked district
4,600 sq ft

Clay Miller AIA
Jenny Gillette AIA
Julie Temme