korean embassy to japan

Tokyo’s sense of the “natural topography” has been lost. Our Embassy proposal seeks to re-establish connections to these natural conditions, capitalize on the shared principles of tradition, landscape and place while uniquely nestling a Country’s outpost into a unique cultural context.

  • Transformational Courts – Courtyards
  • Places of formal / informal gathering and community
  • Landscape
  • Restoration of ‘natural’ topography/the picturesque
  • Borrowed Views/Scenery
  • Simultaneous expanding/collapsing of one’s perception in space

As a symbolic act, this dialogue between tradition/contemporary, new/existing and gathering nature/built environment fosters an intimacy of community while expanding the notions of peaceful exchange.

tokyo, japan
institutional – federal
diplomatic offices, meeting rooms, residence
120,000 sq ft

team: Wm. Jack T. Phillips AIA
w/ Samoo Architects & Engineers