magok waterfront park

‘M-Park‘, the LIVING WATER’, proposes a unique vision for this 21st-century eco-urbanscape posited to redefine contemporary conditions between urban/land/ water/people. With Re-Generation, Re-Cycle and Re Connection as overarching principles, the park operates as a new sustainable fabric stimulating creative growth within the park, around the park as well as the Han River. The project activates multiple conditions of water as a catalyst for a natural eco-system, not simply a restoration of nature, but rather a complex union between advanced technology, nature and man originating in an innovative concept/idea of an eco-friendly community. By consciously experimenting with different procedures of aqua-management, the land design prioritizes unique operational strategies such as water filtration, land sculpting/shaping, water retention, vegetation density, growth patterns and water circulation to create a diverse ensemble of natural spaces.

seoul, korea
master planning | first prize & contract
290 acres

team: Wm. Jack T. Phillips AIA
w/ Samoo Architects & Engineer