national ecological center

The National Ecological Institute is poised to engage an ongoing comprehensive study of the converging eco-systems of nature, human and climate and to reach a more informed inclusive agenda for the betterment and quality of life of the people of Korea and the World. The project outlines specific zones of different immersive experiences; General public zone, Ecological conservation and education zone, Ecological specialists/research zone and a Researcher zone. Context, architecture and environment seek to become one as a blended response to the diverse challenges faced in today’s contemporary society. Natural/man-made, opacity/porosity, speed/repose, organic/Cartesian, playful/serious; all pertain to a lush compilation of experiences and spaces created with both natural and built forms allowing visitors to fully appreciate the inherent dialectic between climate, sustainability and progress.

seochon, chung-nam province, korea
master planning – institutional
bio-research, ecology, park
189 acres

team: Wm. Jack T. Phillips AIA
w/ Samoo Architects & Engineers