newtown creek wwcp
department of environmental protection 
city of new york

The Newtown Creek WWCP, an existing facility in the industrial district of Greenpoint, Brooklyn. A Master Plan was developed to provide a framework for the renovation, upgrade and expansion of the plant into the future. The use of this framework provides for more robust organizational strategies while creating a catalyst for adjacent developments surrounding the plant. A fresh palette of colors and materials, a playful ‘kit-of-parts’ and a collection of unique forms were developed to engender a lasting interest in the plant and to further energize the visual excitement of the various components of the industrial process. The major design strategies are as follows; organizing central axis aligning with existing City grid, connect the industrial facility to the neighboring community, provide public access pathways and connection points within the plant and activate site edges with landscape greenways and visually active building facades.

brooklyn, new york
master planning – institutional | building design
54 acres – 10 buildings

team: Wm. Jack T. Phillips AIA
w/ The Polshek Partnership