path center – nyc department of homeless services

The Center seeks to give physical form to the City’s progressive approach to tackling homelessness; prevention, client service, permanence, and accountability. Located in an urbanistically and architecturally diverse stretch of the Bronx, the building is bound by residential to the south and east, Railroad tracks to the east and a manufacturing district to the north.

These variations provide opportunities for the north and south facades to gesture to the scales and personalities of their distinct contexts. Programmatically, the building is organized in two parts; first floor and concourse level are the more public/active zones while floors two through seven are organized as a series of large, loft-like spaces providing open administrative work areas for staff, client waiting areas, meeting and interview rooms.

bronx, new york
institutional – building design
(administrative offices, waiting areas, interview rooms)
79,000 sq ft

team: Wm. Jack T. Phillips AIA
w/The Polshek Partnership