uplift house

New York City is undergoing a Cultural Transformation. As initiatives push to bolster mass transportation options, upLIFT House interrogates the cultural, environmental and social conditions of housing by appropriating the space of the automobile, liberating the conditions to re-envision human occupation. The appropriation of existing car park structures in NYC, utilize a ‘plug-n-play’ strategy where units are made of prefabricated injection molded panels from recycled materials. Interchangeable panels, variety and customization become the norm. They deploy in response to site and environmental conditions taking advantage of solar, wind (passive cooling) and water collection opportunities. Services are “plugged” in, connecting to vertical risers adjacent to the structure of car park system. Internal services are run within wall/floor system.

new york, ny
residential | mini housing
350 sq ft each (multiple units)


team: Wm. Jack T. Phillips AIA